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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Rage, Nordstrom, Low Quality Wood

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We have answers to your questions from Monday. That's all we can give you at this time. You may email us at with your questions for next week. Also, don't forget to email us digital pictures and join our Facebook group

[Santa Monica Place mall redo; possible home of new Nordstrom]

1) West Hollywood: Before turning into a broader discussion of the de-gayification of WeHo, we learn that Rage is just remodeling to keep up with the younger set. Via commenter Formosa: "Rage along with other establishments are just feeling the need to stay competitive with the finicky gay crowd who likes to hang out in the newest, coolest places around. Rage was a bit tacky and is reinventing itself a bit just as Mickeys will be doing as they repair after the fire damage."

2) Westside/Santa Monica: A Nordstrom on the Westside? Seems like a natural. But a reader says don't look to Caruso's Playa Vista project. "The new Westside Nordstrom is not going to Caruso’s supposed development at Playa Vista but to Macerich’s remodeled Santa Monica Place mall in the former Robinson’s May spot. No lease has been signed and Macerich is also talking to Barney’s and Target."

3) West Hollywood: So what's up with that unfinished home on the northwest corner of Westbourne and Sherwood in WeHo? First: "The contractor filed a mechanics lien against the owner in January. The original teardown was purchased in 2002 for $459,000. Owner owes the builder 39k plus a years interest at 10%." And second: "Long time legal dispute. Apparently contractor used lower quality wood and connections than what was required. DBS shut it down. Heard that project is salvageable with substantial cost. Now owner is suing GC and GC put a lien on the project. Fun stuff."

More questions for next week, please.