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Storefronting: Black Friday Is A 'Comin'

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BEVERLYGROVE - Who says the record industry is dead? Blackburn & Sweetzer noticed that Rhino Records is opening a pop-up store on 3rd Street in the old Filly space on Dec 1st. Just in time for the holidays. No word yet on how long Rhino will be sticking around - it seems to be temporary digs for the holiday season. So now you know where to pick up God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Recordings. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

ECHO PARK - Ground zero of American Apparel billboards is getting the first brand extension, California Vintage. The subdivision has already been launched as a store-within-a-store concept in Mexico, Berlin and Cologne, but this is the first freestanding retail outlet for the vintage outlet. [because I'm addicted]

BEVERLYGROVE - Blackburn & Sweetzer also noticed Romp's signage is now up. The store is shrouded in a little mystery, and so far, it looks a little bit more Hollywood Blvd than tony West 3rd Street. But everyone needs a place to buy their platform stripper heels and pasties, no? [Blackburn & Sweetzer]
Image of Rhino courtesy of Blackburn & Sweetzer