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EaterTastings: Welcome to Los Feliz, Mes Amis

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Mes Amis, Alen Lin, 11/19/07

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

1) It all seems very amicable, but we'd like to think there's simmering resentment among the two French restaurants on Vermont. Mes Amis opens after a quick partial rejiggering of Tiger Lily (still next door, just smaller now). The owners of Mes Amis are former managers of Figaro just across the street.
2) It looks like the embarrassment of riches that Culver City enjoys, at least in terms of wine bars, may get just a little flusher. Campanile's Mark Peel had a change of plans for his future wine bar. The space he had originally chosen on La Brea is out, Culver City is in.
3) Opening in December, Arnie Morton's Steakhouse on the 1st in the new Triana Warner Center in Woodland Hills. Mmm, more meat.