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CurbedWire: Donald Sterling & Mold

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LOS ANGELES- Everyone's favorite landlord, Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, is being investigated for Fair Housing violations, supposedly (allegedly). Well, whatever. We received this email: "I received a notice in the mail from the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division Housing and Civil Enforcement asking me to call a number and discuss my experiences about being a tenant or former tenant at one of the "Sterling Defendants" properties.

The letter says the defendants have "violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against prospective, current, and former tenants on the basis of race, national origin, and familial status." This letter comes to me as a surprise, as I've never felt slighted in any way at all. In fact, as a non-white resident, I am very happy with my living situation. Have you heard about any of this?" Indeed we have, and we're guessing you may be Korean. Mr. Sterling was previously slapped down for attempting to drive out non-Korean tenants from his buildings in Koreatown. More of the same? [Curbed Wire Inbox]

DESERT HOT SPRINGS- The lure of affordable housing in the desert has burned some residents of a newly constructed development. Homeowners are dealing with crooked walls, sub-par stucco, water leaks, and of course the toxic mold. Via KESQ: "They refused to fix things. They called out toxic molds a mildew problem and gave us some hints how we can get rid of it ourselves. That's when we were told to buy Lysol to spray it and kill it." Naturally, homeowners are suing. [CurbedWire/KESQ]