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Marketing Trends at Rob Clark: Hot People, Bathrobes and Juice

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The sales teams behind Rob Clark, a building on 3rd and Robertson, already tried the tactic of giving away free $50 bills to random strangers, and this weekend, they've hired attractive people clad in bathrobes to walk on Robertson Blvd and lure people into the Rob Clark building. Excerpt via an email into the Curbed Inbox: "..four scantily clad models (2 men, 2 women) wrapped only bathrobes will parade up and down Robertson Blvd. targeting buyers.." But why the sales team would go through all the trouble of doing this---and serve "virgin" drinks--is beyond us. Break out the hootch, Rob, it's a holiday weekend! [Rendering of a Rob Clark unit; photoshop magic via Curbed]

"While the Thanksgiving holiday traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, it also signals the cooling down of the Real Estate season. Not so says boutique developers, The Athena Group, who are counting on Black Friday weekend foot traffic along Robertson Blvd. to woo shoppers to the ULTIMATE IMPULSE PURCHASE – A BRAND NEW FLAT.

Enter Rob Clark, an invented, mythical character loosely based on the life of Sales and Marketing Director of The Athena Group, Harry Dubin. The Rob Clark is a signature condo in Los Angeles at South Clark and Robertson. The tactics have all been experiential, both online (with and his MySpace and on the street. Last year, the campaign kicked off with sales agents handing out crisp $50. Bills that said “Courtesy of Rob Clark”. Asked why they were being handed free money, sales agents were instructed to respond “Cause he’s a nice guy.” Talk about a true ‘brand personality’.

The Black Friday Marketing Scene: Saturday-Sunday, November 24th-25th, four scantily clad models (2 men, 2 women) wrapped only bathrobes will parade up and down Robertson Blvd. targeting buyers to have a drink in front of The Rob Clark. See the attached PDF mock up of the napkin they will give out.

Then, upon arrival to the hip 105-unit complex, guests will see a make-shift bar (non-alcoholic drinks) where they can have complimentary virgin cocktails courtesy of their new friend Rob. Obviously the developers are hoping to woo guests into Rob’s flat for a tour? We can only wonder what happens next?....FYI – they are 80% sold thru?."