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Venice's Pioneer Bakery Demolished for Condos/Another Bakery

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Rose Avenue's Pioneer Bakery is no more, demolished to make way for a 70-condo-unit/mixed-use development, reports Venice Paper. But fret not, the famous sourdough bread may return: Via a crafty deal with developer Intracorp, the Garacochea family, owner of Pioneer, can buy back or lease units of the project's restaurant and five retail spaces. Meanwhile, how did those Venice NIMBYs, famous for fighting everyone from Starbucks to Hotel Ray, feel about the project? Venice Paper, never one to sugarcoat anything, seems to call it a draw: "While some residents objected to the project during its City of Los Angeles planning approval process, voicing concerns about rising traffic and parking pressure in the area, others saw new retail and commercial along Rose Avenue as important community-building public space along a traffic artery on which commercial enterprise had almost died." [Photo via Venice Paper]
· Pioneer Bakery Development on Rose Avenue Sold [Venice Paper]