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Bring Your Binoculars to Silver Lake Meadow

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More news on the Silver Lake Reservoir makeover: The city has proposed opening the “Meadow,” six acres of the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex near Armstrong Ave and Earl St that's been closed for 60 years, so people can enjoy a bit a of nature. But according to the Los Feliz Ledger, a group called Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors would like to protect the area for coyotes, blue herons, and native plants and carve out a Serengeti-sounding “viewing area” for humans on 1/3 of the land. And while Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors has the support of the Audobon Society, likely some kind of compromise will be made between both groups so all of God's creatures can peacefully co-exist.
· Meadow Debate Continues [Los Feliz Ledger]