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New Koreatown Hotel Breaks Ground... Details in Korean

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Yesterday, according to a brief blurb on Fox 11, ground was broken on a new hotel in Koreatown. After tedious searching and unsatisfactory Babelfish translations we have been able to locate a rendering of the Hotel Emhurst (left) proposed for the corner of Hobart and 7th Street. The mixed-use project will contain 242 guest rooms 5,880 square feet of retail, a 40,810 square foot health club, 24,200 square feet of total restaurant space, 18,150 square feet of office space, and 13,000 square feet for a night club and karaoke lounge. The hotel will feature 21- and 16-story towers, which aren't entirely visible in the rendering. Via online city documents, it appears the Mayor was pushing hard for this project:

"...Mary Cynar from the Mayor’s Business Team stressed that the proposed hotel was one of the Mayor’s featured projects. Ms. Cynar stated the hotel would be a catalyst for the Western Koreatown/Wilshire Redevelopment Area, and that approximately 60 million dollars of Korean capital will be used to finance the project." There may be more exciting info, but we can't read Korean. If any of our Korean readers would be so kind as to translate this article, we would be appreciative.
· (Headline via Babelfish) Also the Korean other fortune initial cone high theyl [Korea Herald Business]
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