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EaterTastings: Comme Ca Chairs Are Comfortable Enough

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[Interior of Comme Ca by Alen Lin, 10/25/07]

The latest food dish from Eater, our sister nightlife/food blog:

1) Everyone visits Comme Ca this week and discovers the food's pretty good and the chairs are...well...good enough.
2) Everyone's favorite artisanal wine shop in Silver Lake closes for an expansion. Will that mean the parking lot at TJ's will get even worse?
3) The second most famous Osteria in LA, La Buca's expansion is officially unofficially open for business. We're confused too.
4) The eastside gets liquored up: Eagle Rock's Senor Fish gets a full liquor license, Atwater Village gets a new wine shop and Little Dom's in Los Feliz is opening imminently. And by imminently we mean post-Thanksgiving.
5) Eater digs the new Breadbar in Century City - easy parking, friendly and knowledgeable wait staff and tasty food. But where are all the jr. agents from CAA? Surely not eating at Craft every day?