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Curbed LA PriceSpotter: Torrance Has Condos

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PriceSpotter is back with a condo. We’re giving you pictures, location, and specifications of a property that has sold. You’re putting them together and giving us the sale price. Submit your guesses in the comments, and Monday we’ll reveal the sale price.

What/Where: 2 BR, 2 BA in Torrance
Size: 859 sq. feet in 50 unit complex
Additional details: This condo was sold in June of this year. Located in Torrance near Alondra Park, the condo is a top unit featuring vaulted ceilings, separate dining and living room, washer and dryer in the unit and two parking spaces (not tandem). Plus lots of skylights and a small balcony. The complex was constructed in 1989. We are looking for the price this unit was sold for.