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Supermarket Roundabout: Report From First F&E

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[Hemet's Fresh & easy is open according to reader RL who snapped this photo]

HEMET - A reader drove to Hemet for the purpose of going to the softly-opened Fresh & Easy store. Wow. Via our inbox:

"When I was deciding where I should go for lunch today, a little voice inside me said "Hemet." So I hopped in my car and made the trek to the very first Fresh & Easy store. There were a lot of employees on hand, which I assume is because they are expecting a lot of curious customers.

The best way I can think of to describe the store is that it is a cross between a Trader Joe's and an old school supermarket of the 50s and 60s based on its size. Honestly, I was not that impressed - I don't really think they have much over TJ's, but it is great they are entering markets TJ's has thus far ignored."

Uh oh, if Hemet's not impressed with F&E, things may not go as well as planned. Where's the nearest Marks and Spencer? UPDATE: And a pic of the store after the jump.