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Supermarket Roundabout: Report From First F&E #2

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[Fresh & Easy chicken salad sandwich and a recyclable bag]

HEMET - Back to the high desert everyone where reader RL snaps some more pics and answers our probing questions about Tesco's first Fresh & Easy store.

Curbed: Was the store's food selection a reminder of jolly old England??

RL: No as far as the food selection was concerned, it was very American to me. One thing I noticed is that while their stock is overwhelmingly private label, they still carry a number of national brand's we all know and love.
Curbed: What about the produce? Is it produc-a-licious?

RL: As for produce, it looks very much like the little teaser photo on the F&E website with what looks to be maybe 24x12 sized containers filled with various fruits and vegetables. They also have refrigerated fruits and veggies. Some are in plastic containers while others are in sealed bags.

Curbed: And the prepared foods? That's supposed to be a big deal right?

RL: The prepared sandwiches were the basic American fare: egg salad, chicken salad, tuna. They had a tasty looking mozzarella and tomato on a baguette that looked pretty scrumptious. However I ended up with a bowl of old fashioned chicken salad and a 14oz bag of private label white corn tortilla chips.

I really liked the great selection of ready-to-drink right from the bottle juices. They had grapefruit, orange, and lemonade. All were labeled "organic" and "freshly squeezed." (My lemonade had an expiration date of 11/6. Finally, it warmed my heart to see that they not only had chocolate milk, but that they had whole as well as low-fat for the incredible price of $.99! (Speaking of incredible prices - I saw some oddball ones like $2.02 for a particular item I cannot recall).

One feature I forgot to mention is that all checkout lines have the option of being self-serve checkout. But check this out, they still bagged the items for me as I was registering them with the scanner.

Curbed: 99-cent chocolate milk. That's crazy.

RL was gracious enough to send us pics of the below flyer as well. Click for larger image.