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Rumblings & Bumblings: Short Week Edition

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Due to the short week we are experiencing to celebrate Thanksgiving we will post questions today and answer on Wednesday. You may email us at with your questions, answers, comments, tips, and general queries.

[Question #3: an incomplete building in WeHo]

1) West Hollywood: All the gay bars are closing. "So.... what's up with Rage in Weho? I just drove by, and it's currently being repainted, but the poster marquees that normally feature Go-go boys are gone, as is the neon sign on the building has vanished. I know Weho is rapidly being "de-gayed", but if Rage bites the dust it truly is the end of an era."

2) Westside/Playa Vista: A reader queries and then follows-up. We need confirmation. "I heard a rumor that there would be a new Nordstrom coming to the Westside but sadly missed where that would be..... I can't even think which mall would be getting one.... Any news????" And the follow up:" is supposedly planned for the Caruso Playa Vista project but now that they have halted any retail development pending a trial, all references of it have been wiped as far as I can tell." Confirmation on location anyone?

3) West Hollywood: A reader sends a picture along with his question. Good Job!! "On the NW corner of Westbourne Dr. and Sherwood Dr. in West Hollywood there is the skeleton of a building the has been untouched for a good year or longer. Can anyone shed some light as to why the construction stopped and the future of the space. I can’t believe the frame could be used since it has been through the past two or three rains."

Answers posted on Wednesday.