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The Catch: Got a Penchant for Poker?

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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.

What/Where: One bedroom available in a house near Venice Beach, with FREE rent.
Looks Good, Right?: The room comes with its own bathroom. The house has DSL and cable TV. Otherwise, the poster isn't very forthcoming with details on the house, but the rent IS free, so we have to keep our expectations low.
The Catch: Well, no indication yet the poster is looking for a sex slave or a personal assistant for a thriving doll hair business. So what is this guy looking for (and we assume this is a dude)? He wants to play games but not kinky ones - as far as we can tell. He's looking for a poker buddy. "Do you like to play poker? I am trying to get better for a tournament. I have a spare bedroom with it's own bathroom in the house. Looking for someone (female) that can play a few hours a day. This is a temporary arrangement for probably a few months. If we get along, could be longer." Of course, it is suspicious that he's looking for a female poker buddy. He could just practice with his computer, play with the assorted misfits and celebrities slumming at Commerce Casino? Or, like, with a friend? Well, why let that extra room go to waste when his next game of (strip) poker is right around the corner? [Photo via Flickr user iBVD.]
· $1 Free bedroom to Poker nut [Craigslist]