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On the Market: A Market in Atwater Village

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Retail Price: $4.7 million ($479.69/sq.ft.)
Property: Whole Food for Life, Atwater Village
The last On the Market for a retail property featured the charming furniture store Bungalow on Sunset Blvd. Poor Bungalow is going through its death throes as we speak with a close out sale. Today, we give you another retail site looking for a new owner/lease on life. Whole Food for Life (not to be confused with Whole Foods, although we could see how that could happen) on Los Feliz Boulevard in Atwater Village has come on the market. What you're buying is essentially the building shell sans inventory and the advertising signage atop the building. We're no retail genius but we see this site as an excellent location for a Fresh & Easy or possibly a water store/check cashing/nail salon business. The possibilities are endless in Atwater Village.
· Whole Food For Life [loopnet]