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Name That Neighborhood: We Live At The Grove

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Christmas is a terrible time to live at the Grove. More mail from a couple who, like so many others, don't know where they live: "My wife and I live on Martel Avenue between Beverly and Melrose. When our friends ask “what neighborhood do you live in?”, we always have to answer “near the Grove”. Specifically, our unnamed neighborhood is the area between Fairfax and La Brea, Melrose and 3rd Street. Hancock Park begins at Highland to the east of us. West Hollywood ends at Willoughby to the north. Hollywood ends to the north of us.

The unofficial “Beverly Grove” tends to be applied to the area between La Cienega and Fairfax. Since “Miracle Mile” tends to refer to the area immediately surrounding Wilshire, that’s not us. This map calls the area “Mid-City West” though I have never heard anyone refer to it as that?Please help us find a name for our neighborhood!" And if you don't know where you live, email us.