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Calabasas: Is Archstone Gouging Renters?

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Residents at Archstone's 600-unit Calabasas complex have formed a tenants association to complain about three years of cost increases. The Acorn talked to Andrew Germain, who bolted after 20% hikes: "At one point when they were raising it to a new rate, I think from $1,400-something to $1,600, they said it was the new remodeled rate ... My apartment wasn't even remodeled. They said I could move out for 10 days and they'd remodel it, but they wouldn't pay for a hotel."

Archstone's Calabasas 1-bedrooms start at $1,491/month. Their other 1-bedrooms around LA start $1,525 (Los Feliz), $1,740 (Studio City) and $3,116 (Santa Monica). Have they skyrocketed too?
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