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1152 La Cienega Reader Report

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A reader shopping for lofts in WeHo sends in this dispatch after visiting the newish Lofts at 1152 La Cienega, just steps away from the maybe-never-gonna-happen Sunset Millenium Project. Seriously, what's going on with that thing.

Checked out the lofts @ la cienega this afternoon. first day of showing to public. they're doing another open house on sunday. super duper expensive. the first floor units have little privacy and are going for 849, 950, & 1 million. the third floor penthouses for almost 2 million. nice spots with viking appliances throughout and lots of industrial loft features. no walls with the two bedrooms -- only sliding panels -- no sound privacy if you catch the drift and lots of bathrooms that have only glass walls opening to the bedrooms (kinda uncomfortable unless you're married and are that open with each other). the penthouse is staged and really the best unit in the building. tandem parking spaces.

overall, i think it's overpriced...but with all the sexy features, i bet they sell to folks who don't mind overpaying.

And as we know, there are plenty of shoppers willing to buy, especially if it's overpriced.