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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: The Things We Know

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We have four answers this week to Tuesday's questions. Please feel free to email us your questions for next week or comments, tips or even hate mail. You may email us at And more digital pics please.

1) Hollywood: The 8000 Sunset complex is getting a Pinkberry, as the notice is now located on the door (see above). As for the Trader Joe's... again we looked, but did not get 100 percent verification that the space pictured above would be a TJ's. We're having doubts again. Serious doubts.

2) West Hollywood: Good info from the comments about the Pavilions at 8969 Santa Monica in WeHo. Commenter runchadrun notes that the newly redeveloped Pavilions Supermarket will actually feature roof top parking.

3) Beverly Hills: The former Friar's Club had a small issue with naming rights, according to commenter Gray #5. But that has all been worked out and now the Friar's Club is happily known as the 9900 Club. How swank. The web site boasts that it is the place for upscale entertainment. Any place with a "Zebra Lounge" has to be upscale.

4) Beverly Hills: A reader has seen the rendering of the proposed exterior improvements to 8501 Wilshire. Commenter Gray #6 says: "...a co-worker who saw the renderings in the lobby said they're doing a sort of awning/re-landscaping deal. I haven't seen them, but my co-worker said it's as fugly as what's there now." Thank you.

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