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CurbedWire: Dividing Lines, TJ's and Fresh & Easy

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[The Manhattan Beach Fresh & Easy, coming soon. Office Depot, going away.]

MANHATTAN BEACH - Amazing! We still haven't made it to the Fresh & Easy. All of our own hype soured us on the place, apparently. However, a reader in the South Bay still cares. He writes: "I snapped this the other day when running into the Office Depot, which seems to be moving, though I was under the impression before that Office Depot was just downsizing, but sure doesn't appear that way now. The most interesting part of this is that right next door to the Fresh n Easy in the same shopping center is a Trader Joes... I just hope that fancy schmancy little tower doesn't get covered by the Orange County/ Olive Garden-like "stupid stone" that seems to be covering all the new houses being built around here... ugh." [Curbed Wire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - A reader talks to a cashier at Trader Joe's and gets info on the (possible) new store. Is this the confirmation we've been looking for? "For what it's worth, the cashier at TJ's in Weho told me last week that TJ's is going into [Sunset & Crescent Heights aka 8000 Sunset] and that there will be a separate parking level and elevator into the store put in..." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - Well on our way to 1,500 votes and we have a decisive winner in our what's the eastide/westside dividing line poll. Over 560 of you chose: "Dude, east/west - it is all a state of mind. Mellow out, ese." That sucks. We need clarity. Another 395 of you chose La Cienega. We disagree. And 262 of you chose La Brea, which we completely agree with. Everyone is wrong except for the 262 people who chose La Brea. [Curbed Poll]