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Tender Box Must Remove Its Movie Booths

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Curbed LA is forever vigilant about bringing you the latest in the plight of Hermosa Beach sex shops. The (gloriously named) Tender Box, already in hot water with the city's Planning Commission over some illegally drilled holes in the walls of the second-floor arcade booths, has now been notified by the City that it must remove the illegal expansion of those booths. About a year ago, the shop illegally tripled the number of movie-viewing booths and then retroactively applied for variances on its conditional use permit, which were denied.

And here is where it gets really interesting (as if the topic of glory holes can ever be mundane). The owner of the Tender Box has refused to removed the booths and his attorney is claiming the City's demand is a violation of his First Amendment rights. "The attorney, who likened his client's previous refusal to close the extra booths to an act of civil disobedience, said Wednesday the addition would likely stay operational until it can relocate." We're pretty sure this is what Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. were fighting for also. It was, wasn't it? Oh and the Mayor of Hermosa lives within 500 feet of the shop. Sweet.
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