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Torrance Bursting at the Seams with New Housing

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Swing a cat in Torrance and you'll hit a new development. At Oak and Jefferson streets a 59-unit development is under construction, while next door, a 86-unit, four-story development is going up on 1.9 acres. And near that, there's a 198-unit town house project that'll add 33 town houses in its second phase. While some residents like the denseness because they can walk everywhere, others beg for more single family-homes. And there's the rub, according to the Daily Breeze.

"Not everyone can afford a single-family home in a city where the median price of one is north of more than $675,000, according to Altos Research, which provides analyses of real estate markets.“The density and the three-story height is the reason we can offer prices in the $300,000 range,” said John Mavar, project manager for West Millennium Homes’ Parkview Court." · Are housing projects crowding Torrance? [Daily Breeze]