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Stopping in Downtown LA on a Trip Around the World

In her third stop on a 10-month trip around the world, this Montreal Canadian hits all the touristy spots (Venice, Getty, Grauman's) but finds herself pleasantly surprised by an unexpected Los Angeles neighborhood:

Y'know what I learned? Downtown LA actually DOES have a decent public transportation system and as well as some pretty cool looking architecture. ... I decided on a self-guided walking tour of the City of Angels. I randomly met Bob, an old-timer who makes and owns old school cars, which are currently being used on Angelina Jolie's upcoming movie set during the Depression called Changeling, where a scene was being shot in front of City Hall (which I happened to be walking in front of). Also got to meet two paparazzis trying to catch a glimpse of her... sorry gang, no Jolie sightings. Also checked out the first house ever build in LA, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (really funky catholic church!), the Water and Power Dept building, aka John Ferraro Building, as well as the famous Disney Concert Hall. You can do absolutely NO WRONG when snapping a pic of this building... all the pictures come out looking like brilliant pieces of photography!

I took a few pics outside of the Bradbury Building, but have yet to catch a glimpse of the awesome view of the inside of this historical space.

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