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CurbedWire: The Lunatics Are Running MOCA's Asylum

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DOWNTOWN - Oh, John Baldessari, you are such a cut up. The LA-based artist gives an enlightening interview to Consecutive Matters on why the LA art scene is usurping New York, why that's a bad thing, and how MOCA is going to reel in Vuitton-loving Asians with its Murakami exhibit. [Consecutive Matters]

HOLLYWOOD/LOS FELIZ - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (no, really!) gives a great primer on visiting LA's Frank Lloyd Wright homes, including the still-under-renovation Ennis Brown and Freeman houses. No advice on how to scale the walls to the privately-owned Storer house yet. [JS Online]

ECHO PARK - Despite the best efforts of the Echo Park Historical Society, The Delta Bungalow at Chicken Corner (Echo Park Ave and Delta Street) was demolished this morning. Plans to move the bungalow were scrapped after efforts were stymied in "city tape." According to Chicken Corner, the bungalow didn't look like much on the outside, but the interior was intact as "a good example of its historical type." What that type is, we're not sure. Craftsmen coop? [Chicken Corner]