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Rumblings & Bumblings: Friars, Fences and Markets

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Four top notch queries this week. Please feel free to comment or email if you have any info to share. You may email us at We'' also take questions for next week. Thank you to the readers who sent us digital pics this week.

[8501 Wilshire in Beverly Hills, surrounded]

1) Hollywood: The 8000 Sunset building is getting a major makeover. A curious reader wants some info on what's going in (hint: Trader Joe's = yes) "just wanted to know what all is going into the 8000 bldg. I heard trader joes and pinkberry, is that true and if so anything else?"

2) West Hollywood: It always comes back to the supermarket, doesn't it. "I saw a comment on one of the posts that says that the Pavilions in West Hollywood is supposed to be torn down and replaced with a new one with 3 levels of parking below. I'd not heard this. Does anyone have any more information?"

3) Beverly Hills: Are the Friars like the Shriners? "What happened to the Friar's Club on Little Santa Monica in BH? I drove past it this morning and the sign, along with the club's emblem, had been taken down. Is it closed? Has it moved? First Trader Vic's, and then the Friars. Is the end nigh?"

4) Beverly Hills: Maybe they stole the fence from LA Central. "What's up with the [construction fencing] around 8501 Wilshire in Beverly Hills? The building looks like it's still at least partially occupied."

Answers Thursday or thereabouts.