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Historic District Showdown: Santa Monica Debates Approving Project

A scuffle underway in Santa Monica represents the ongoing debate on how to build/not build new structures in the city's only historic district: Tonight, the Landmarks Commission will hear arguments from resident Mark Woollen, who fancies building himself a two-story contemporary residence behind his historic 1905 bungalow on 3rd Street, reports the LA Times, noting his plans call for a "Modernist, two-story, rectilinear box with a flat roof and lots of windows. It would include a cantilevered section that would jut forward in front." Neighbors and experts worry about keeping in line with the hood's historic style and the scale of Woollen's project. So far, a report released by city's planning staff recommends that Woollen's project be approved. Sure they'll be fireworks tonight.
· In historic district, a conflict builds [LA Times]