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CurbedWire: LA Central's Missing Fence!!

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DOWNTOWN: Two readers have first/second hand accounts of a fence gone missing downtown and possibly wider implications for a much anticipated project. "... you guys have reported before on this LA Central project by the Moinian Group back in New York, across the street from Staples Center in Downtown LA. It so happens that the site had been prepared, by erecting construction fencing surrounding it, for a few weeks a neighbor a block east of this project I was excited, and I was awaiting the day Morley Builders would break ground on the proposed project, BUT!!! early this Monday morning...there are construction crews disassembling the construction fence! Just sucks for DTLA, if this project has been cancelled!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: And from a reader who seems a bit less distraught: "Can you please find out what's happening with the L.A. Central high-rise condo development planned for the block directly east of Staples Center? I've heard that a wall placed around the site several weeks ago, presumably as the first sign of preparation for actual construction, is being dismantled today." Thank you to both readers. We will try to investigate. [CurbedWire Inbox]