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Wilshire's Vero Filling Up With Predictable Stores

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[Photo via Flickr user FridayinLA]

Blogger Angelenic stops by Vero at 1234 Wilshire and discovers that Subway, Yogurberry and Mitaki Sushi have been busy little beavers, building out their respective retail spaces on the development's ground floor (facing Wilshire Blvd). Three more spaces are available; Famima!! and a Korean bakery may move in. Throw in a Pastagina and call it a day, Vero. Plus, given the affordable/not affordable debate raging in yesterday's Noho post, we offer the enticing/not enticing graph Why Rent When You Can Own from Vero's web site. Check it out after the jump.

· Vero Finally Getting Its Retail [Angelenic]