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Reader Rant: Graffiti on Freeway Signage is Out of Control

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An angry reader writes in with a concern that we've heard many times before. The taggers! The taggers! Someone should do something! Something like that. Via our inbox: "Have you noticed all the tagging on the overhead highway signs on the 101 this month? Some of the signs have become impossible to read, and dangerous. Going S/B on the 101 there was tagging at the Vine Street sign and at (I think) Alvarado and N/B the entire Silver Lake Blvd overhead sign is covered in opaque paint. I imagine CalTrans can fix the signs, but in the meantime if this is one or two people doing a tagging battle or whatever on the stretch of 101 between Downtown and the Valley, shouldn't there be cops stationed out there? ...Someone is basically blacking out a sign with their name in enormous opaque bubble letters... It truly does make the sign illegible."

If it makes you feel any better Councilman Dennis Zine (CD3) just introduced a Motion "whereby parents of minors involved in graffiti vandalism are held accountable for the actions of their children" including payment of a base fine and the cost of the graffiti cleanup, plus they would have to attend some sort of hearing similar to traffic court.