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What Neighborhood Had Greediest Trick-or-Treaters?

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So last night who else was too busy--or drunk--to answer the door? Anyone try the leave a bowl on the porch and hope for the best method, a.k.a. the honor system of trick-or-treating? Here's how it went down in Atwater Village:

I felt terrible that I wouldn't be there to hand out candy. We compromised by leaving a bowl full of candy on our doorstep. It certainly occurred to us that we come home to find that the bowl would have disappeared along with all the candy, but I had faith in our Atwater Village kiddos. We came home to find that indeed, people had taken a lot of the candy, but not all of it, and that the bowl was safe and sound. Worked in LA! But the kids in Burbank's equestrian neighborhood aren't all saints. One porch bowl was devoured by a gang of teen tricksters. Said the generous Burbankian: "I guess they misread 'Please Take One' as 'Please Leave One'."
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