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Checking In With The Custom Hotel Near LAX

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[Photo via the]

After a soft opening a few weeks ago, Custom Hotel, the newly renovated hotel near LAX, officially opens this month--and may indeed be having its opening today. Here are some eclectic-looking interior shots, stolen from the web site, and Travelocity, which notes that rooms start at $134.11. Nary a shot of the pool on the site, so you'll have to make due with our previously posted neon-glow rendering. Given its proximity to LAX, the hotel looks perfect for some sort of hipster version of a "Same Time, Next Year" affair with a cross-country traveler. UPDATE: A rep for the hotel emails us that the rates start at $99/night and that the lobby bar recently opened and "has a great happy hour." So to the commenter below who wanted to sleep in the lobby--you can.

[Photos via Travelocity]

[Photos via Custom Hotel]