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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Fresh & Leafy

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Please, please email more questions, tips and poorly lit digital pictures for next week. Our inbox is running drier than Atlanta. Feel free to email us at with your questions about the state of affairs in Los Angeles development and we will post them on Tuesday.

[pictures of ficus tree apocalypse on La Brea via Franklin Avenue]

1) Hollywood: So we know that November 8th is the opening date for a handful of Fresh & Easy stores, but what about the Hollywood Boulevard Flagship store? No firm date, but at least progress is being made. Via commenter #5: "Fresh and Easy is coming along nicely. I go to the LA Fitness above it and would guess probably another 2-3 months. There are shelves already in place that can be seen when looking down into the pit. Just yesterday it looks like they have started working on the outside of the pit where the elevator and ramp entrance are. Not to much longer now." And tomorrow, Friday 11/2, the City Council will actually be hearing comment on the F&E's application for "alcohol sales for off-site consumption."

2) Hollywood: So what happened to cause the City to remove all the ficus trees along the east side of La Brea. Commenters on both Curbed and Franklin Avenue surmise that the trees were chopped down because they were destroying the sidewalk and possibly providing shade to vagrants. The trees were also going untrimmed and may have been a liability to the adjoining property owner.