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MAK Center Macks on A. Quincy Jones

[Image of Jones' house and studio]

On Sunday we got our archisize (thanks to Ritz Bites for the portmanteau) walking through Crestwood Hills in Brentwood, checking out a few of the A. Quincy Jones Mutual Housing Association homes on the MAK tour. Man, that was a lot of hills. Despite the aching feet, the trip was totally worth it. Why? Aside from the voyeuristic thrill we feel traipsing through strangers' houses, we were treated to open plan homes, clerestory windows, large expanses of glass, and incredible views. Not to mention enthusiastic and gracious homeowners eager to discuss their homes. A couple of shots follow, and we've set up a flickr set here. Did you go on the tour? Add your photos to the Curbed LA flickr pool.

LATEST PRE-FAB GOSSIP: We also spotted Living Homes' Steve Glenn on the tour toting a massive camera. He wants everyone to know his latest pre-fab WIRED LivingHome suffered no major water damage in last month's deluge. The house is still set to open October 27th.