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LA Fires Breaking Out Like Acne on Teenage Boy

Today, we enter a period of calm thanks to the waving green flag as seen on the LAFD web site. However, a reader emails us this warning about a big black cloud wafting across the ocean.

Hi there, just took my kid to school in Brentwood and on the way (on Ocean Ave in SM) I saw huge black clouds blowing out over the ocean. The fire seemed to be coming from two sources on the cliffs in Palisades. I've checked the news online and TV, but there's no mention of it. Does anyone know what's going on? We don't know what's going on, but perhaps a reader will inform us. Also, reported a sighting of a fire that erupted near Dodger Stadium yesterday. Everything appears to be okay now and thanks to the pitiful performance of the Dodgers this year, no fans or players were threatened.
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