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Traffic Solutions: The Sunset Roundabout

In response to our last traffic solution post, several of you (commenters Pete and heartattackandvine) suggested implementing roundabouts or traffic circles at intersections involving five or six streets coming together into a traffic knot.

"The city could also benefit from a lot of traffic circles at 5- and 6-way intersections. Olympic/Fairfax/San Vicente, Sunset/Virgil/Hollywood, Beverly/Virgil/Temple/Silver Lake, Camarillo/Vineland/Lankershim, Burbank/Tujunga/Lankershim, and Victory/Colfax/Lankershim are obvious candidates." "Make the Sunset/Hollywood/Hillhurst/Virgil "five points" into a giant roundabout."

We're not sure how this could be done without eminent domain being used on the Von's parking lot, the corner car dealership, and the Blockbuster mini mall, but if you kids are willing to fight for it, we're willing to draw it. Tear down that Blockbuster, Mayor Villaraigosa!
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