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Rumblings & Bumblings: Cedars Sinai is Taking Over

Oi! Welcome back to R&B. Every week we post real life questions from concerned readers living in Los Angeles and outskirts. You provide answer in the comments or by email. We post answers on Thursday. Please feel free to email us at We would really appreciate digital pictures as they make us feel ever so loved.

1) Tarzana: Regarding the Tarzana Village Walk, a reader queries: "I wanted to know what is happening with this development. I know Whole Foods was planning on moving in there initially but now no sign of them, any info on this?"

2) Downtown: Did we cover this before or is this news to us? "I was driving down 7th Street this weekend and noticed that the three American Apparel buildings were no longer painted and there was a huge "For Lease" sign on the western-most structure. Is AA giving up their "vertically integrated manufacturing in the heart of L.A." motto?"

3) Pico-Robertson: It's the circle of life. Everyone sing with us."What is going on with the deconstruction on Pico Blvd just west of La Cienega next to Bank of America. Back in the day it was a grocery store then a fabric store now today it's being torn down."

4) Fairfax/Bev Hills Adjacent This question brings up a bigger question. What neighborhood is Cedars Sinai located in? "On my last trip to Beverly Center, I was surprised to find both Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn closed. I asked a WS employee at a different location if there was a reason for the closing. He replied that Cedars-Sinai is raising the rent in hope of displacing merchants to make room for medical office space / hospital expansion. This seems hard to believe, as one of the two empty stores has already been leased again and is under renovation. I'd be very interested in finding out the truth behind the store closings and future plans for Beverly Center."

Please answer these questions.