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Bulls-Eye: Is This Your New Hollywood Target?

A loyal reader forwards a rendering for a retail project anchored by a "major discount retailer" at an "undisclosed East Hollywood location." Back story: Previous speculation by Curbed chatterboxes suggested a Target was headed to Sunset and Western, site of Food4Less and McDonald's. Writes our Deep Throat:

"The project would include ground level retail along two of the more important street fronts, a parking level in the middle and a big ol' discount store with stylish laundry baskets on the top level. I am fairly disappointed in the design so far (all that beige and white stucco makes me want to put my sunglasses on and run for shade) and I thought I'd throw the project to the wolves at Curbed and see what others thought."

UPDATE, 4:34 PM PST: We just learned this project is going into Western where CVS and Ranch 99 Market are, not the other side. Interesting....Bigger shot--and back side--after the jump.