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Storefronting: Time to Replace Your Banana Hammock

BEVERLYGROVE - Blackburn & Sweetzer lets us know that men's swimwear label Parke & Ronen has opened its first West Coast flagship store on Melrose just west of Fairfax. Just in time for winter! B&S tells us the store doesn't just carry swimwear, but also carries a line of "tees, gym wear, printed flip-flops, belts, and washed linen hats." [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

BEVERLY HILLS - Back in June we were told James Perse would be opening its first Beverly Hills store by July. Took a bit longer than expected but we received this email from a reader letting us know the outrageously priced cotton T-shirts are yours for the taking: "Well it did not open in July but i went down Canon last weekend and the store is open now. it looks really cool. you should check it out." [Curbed Inbox]