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A. Quincy Jones House in Crestwood Hills Destroyed

(Photos via Crestwood LA)

Crappy news for architects/preservationists/anyone interested in design: The Crestwood Hills blog is reporting that a Whitney R. Smith and A. Quincy Jones-designed home at 12361 Deerbrook Lane was destroyed last week. Writes our tipster: "Residents are outraged over this and fear it's part of a growing campaign by developers to "McMansionize" their special architectural community. There are strict CC&Rs which were totally ignored by the developer and as yet no plans have been submitted." [ED: CCR: Short for Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, which have to do the with maintenance and use of the property.]

The blog quotes Kimberli Meyer, director of the MAK Center: “Good houses get demolished all the time because of ignorance, and it’s true across the board. But with A. Quincy Jones it’s truer than with most because many architects believe he was under-recognized."
· Original Quincy Jones Home Destroyed in Crestwood Hills [CHA Blog]