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Traffic Solutions: One Idea for La Brea

An interesting proposition from reader Mocassin in the Rumblings & Bumblings post prompted us to make a graph to detail his trafffic solution for La Brea in Mid-City:

"[The tiny] stretch of La Brea (between Pickford & 21st) should be grade-separated. If you look at the elevations, combined with the assumed traffic counts on La Brea, it totally makes sense. La Brea "rises" up to the level of the Washington Blvd. intersection, just to "drop" back down to the same elevation. Provided, it is a major infrastructure, but this is one-way the city could alleviate traffic (citywide considering that La Brea is a major highway through the city) and make neighborhoods more liveable." And commenter Pete notes that "since La Brea is a critical feeder into the 10, the project might well be eligible for federal highway funds."
UPDATE, 12:47 PM PST: Reader JBR shows how it's done in Boston. Click here for visual.
· Rumblings & Bumblings: EarthFood [Curbed LA]