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Reader Rant: Downtown Hipsters Got No Taste

One of the strangest rants we've received, a downtown-area reader is unable to sell his 1950s medical examiner chair, despite listing it on Craigslist, Apt Therapy, and the Downtown News. His conclusion: downtown kids got no decorating style and must be outfitting their lofts and apartment rentals with Ikea "junk" rather than cool vintage goods. Whether medical examiner chairs are no longer cool by virtue of their 80s Ducky-from-"Pretty in Pink"-vibe, or if $400 is too much for an uncomfortable chair isn't considered in his rant, which is after the jump.

"If these new downtown hipsters are so cool, and fabulous, then 1)-- where are they?, and 2)-- What are they putting in their fabulous new lofts? Ikea junk?? I have recently had to consider parting with my beloved dental chair from the 1950's (actually it's an
optometrist’s chair, so it's less frightening), but it's still a huge, chrome and blue-steel monster with a matching tower that has swing-away trays and electrical probes (??), and who wouldn't want THAT in their fabulous new loft?

It's been on Craigslist, the Downtown News, Apartment, it's been posted around echo park, $600, then $500, then $400.. I can't give it away!! These downtown people are either taste-free, of they don't exist. I'm inclined to believe the latter, since I go downtown all the time after dark and there is still no street life and hardly anything's open. Either they just scurry out of their buildings into a waiting cab, to take them to a club on Cahuenga, or these lofts are investor-bought, and all still empty.
I mean, who wouldn't want a medical examination chair in their new loft? I guess that's how I measure hipness-- whether you'd want a dental chair in your living-room. And it's light blue! Who could beat
that? And the electrical probes only go up to 8-volts, pretty low on the Cheney-meter!

(This is not a plug. I give no info on where or how to
obtain my beloved Dental chair. I was just making a
point.) Kids today, what do they know??"