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Big Dust-Up in Malibu After Big Home Listed

A Malibu home that was built two years ago, despite local outrage, has now been listed for sale by owner Shary Nassimi--and Councilmember Andy Stern is listed as one of the realtors. Susan Tellem, wife of Malibu Park Homeowners Association President Marshall Thompson, spotted an ad for the home and sent an e-mail to neighbors and City Council members."This lying goes on all the time with people who are actually building a spec house in Malibu," Tellem wrote, according to the Malibu Times. "But now I see Andy Stern has the listing. How does that look? I am opposed to Realtors or developers on the City Council-it is a conflict of interest." Also, the paper notes that on Stern's Web site, he apparently brags that the home is larger than can be built under the current Malibu city code. Stating he has no ethical issue with listing the home, Stern tells the Malibu Times that community outrage led to the delays in building, which is why the guy is selling. And the story has a lot more whole accusations; it all sounds like a bloody mess going down in Malibu.
· From dream home to sales pitch [Malibu Times]