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Rumblings & Bumblings Reponses: More On MovieTown

Thank you for the excellent responses to three interesting questions. We ask that you submit more questions for next week when we try this again. We're counting on you to bring us happiness. Please email with haste.

1) Hollywood: Commenter LA MapNerd responds to the question regarding the Farmers Market Kitchen: "The Farmers' Kitchen would appear to be SEE-LA's Hollywood Farmers' Market Farmer's Kitchen, aka the Hollywood Food and Nutrition Center."

2) West Adams/Mid-City: New Curbed commenter Mocassin says: "The vacant lot on Washington/La Brea was an old gas station that was removed as a victim of new CalEPA underground tank rules. We are left with the unfortunate ever-changing mosaic of poster-bills, but no development to say the least." Thank you!

3) West Hollywood: MovieTown! Yes. Now we remember. Via commenter Kristina: "Alan Casden bought the Trader Joe's-anchored Movietown shopping plaza (pictured above) at SM and Poinsettia a year or two ago with the thought of redeveloping it into a mixed use project." AND via email: "The 'Movietown' is located in West Hollywood at the 7200 block of Santa Monica Blvd., where the Trader Joes is located. I heard that the developers have not officially submitted for entitlements."