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Curbed LA and the Mystery of the Freeway Schtupp

In what may have been one of the most unpleasant mother-son conversations we've heard about, a freeway driving mom recounts the horrors of her commute to her son who passes it on to us. Here's the email:

My mom told me about this one. Apparently, yesterday on the walkway overpass on the 101 at around Balboa Blvd in Encino, there was a tan, blond buxom in her birffday suit that was being bent over and schtupped by some guy, for all the freeway traffic to see. And I think she said there was a camera man filming it, too, so I guess maybe they were filming a porn? You guys have the scoop on this one? ANY PICS? I don't even know if this is a story you guys would cover (or uncover...). Can anyone clarify what it was that 101 Freeway patrons were witnessing and where that video may be rented? Thank you.