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Lipetz House Gets a Little Renovation Love

The Soriano-designed Lipetz house in Silver Lake may have taken a year to sell, gotten a pricechop, and had some broker shuffling, but after finally being bought in Jan, renovations are nearing completion. To jog your memory, this house had the same owner for 40 years, resulting in years of deferred maintenance, including cottage cheese ceilings to a 1950s lava rock wall façade. We've stumbled upon a few of the renovation photos in owner Bill Macomber's flickr set, which pays loving attention to appliance detail and sunset views, but seems to ignore larger house shots. Friends who has seen the house assure us the renovation is great. We're waiting for our housewarming invite.
UPDATE, 9:43 AM PST: Bill Macomber straightens us out in comments, and the sink pictured isn't going into the house.
[Image by Lipetz owner Bill Macomber]
· The Lipetz House flickr set [Flickr]