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Arrests On Skid Row Up, Violent Crime Down

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Not a ton of new info here, but the NY Times stops by Skid Row and weighs in on the recent gentrification of downtown--new restaurants, art galleries and lofts--and talks to homeless resident Guadalupe Ibarra, who says "there's a lot more money people around." Ibarra tells the paper that Skid Row residents are moving to East Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and Venice Beach; most recent tracking of the homeless can be found on this map here. And the police crack down continues: police made 10,742 arrests this year, 15 percent more than the same time a year ago, while violent crime dropped by one-third. Related: LA's Homeless Blog applauds LA County's Community Transition Unit, a program that connects incarcerated homeless with local services so they don't just end up back on Skid Row.
· Some Respite, if Little Cheer, for Skid Row Homeless [NY Times]
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