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Glassell Park Fresh & Easy Opening Just Days Away

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The countdown is on. Eight days left until Fresh & Easy begins "official" openings (soft openings are too far away for us to drive to get pictures). While not entirely confirmed, we suspect the Glassell Park store on Eagle Rock Boulevard will be one of the stores to open on November 8th, as we've received reports of various deliveries, lighted signs and yesterday there were numerous cars in the parking lot (presumably for employees undergoing indoctrination training). Sadly, the windows remained covered, but there were still interesting things to see in the parking lot, sort of. Hybrid parking!

[Store frontage]

[Parking for hybrid cars is provided up close, lest the hybridders have to use their chubby legs to walk far]

[Parking for troubled parents with infants/toddlers in strollers who need to get their Cheetos and Yoo-Hoo quickly before being spotted by the paparazzi]