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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.

What/Where: One room available in a 4br, 3+half bath Oceanfront apartment at Pacific and Venice. The room has a private entrance and is 20x15 ft. According to the poster, the "Fourth wall is a solid, sturdy tenant construction made from heavy plywood, and sound-proof board. Your room has lots of light and very shaded and cool. Tavertine tile floors make cleanup a breeze. And enjoy OCEAN BREEZES EVERY DAY!" All for $1010/month.
Looks Good, Right?: Well, aside from a heavy plywood wall, you also get "a FULL GRANITE KITCHEN with STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES. Double sinks with garbage desposal. Our TRI-LEVEL apt has boardwalk views from the Living room (with fireplace) and front balcony (elevated above the world famous Venice Boardwalk)....The kitchen has views of the Ocean and the breakwater, as well as the Paddle Tennis Courts... PERFECT FOR THE OUTDOOR ENTHUSIEST!!! SURFING, BIKE PATH, PADDLE TENNIS, MUSCLE BEACH, RESTARAUNTS, and SHOPPING are all RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR." Ok, so this guy really loves the use of ALL CAPS. BUT WAIT - there's more! "53 inch Big Screen TV, a Washer/Dryer, and a dishwasher are also in the Unit. We also have a kegerator if you like a good brew." [ed. note: ok, we thought a kegerator improved our vajajays. Oops.]
The Catch: All of a sudden, this classified goes from being a roommate ad into a personal ad. Do we really need to know his favorite movie is The Big Lebowski and his favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? And his favorite band is the "Almand Brothers "[sic]? Then there is a lengthy treatise on the importance of cleaning up after oneself and problems with former roommates. And of course, you must love dogs, because "MY LAB WOULD LOVE A NEW BUDDY TO PLAY WITH." Didn't we already see this movie? This ad doesn't have any of the very obvious warning signs we've seen in the past, but there's something just a little too chatty here. This guy is an oversharer, so don't be surprised when you wake up one morning spooning in bed with his lab between you, as he tells you he just used your toothbrush, because his was feeling "prickly."
$1010 !! Live ON BEACH !! GORGEOUS Oceanfront Apt. Large Room private enter [Craigslist]