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Final Go-Round for Historic Long Beach Carousel

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[The top of Lite-a-Line from Flickr user wsmorgan]

Remnants of a 1911 carousel, parked at 25th and Long Beach Blvd., won't make it to 2008. Hailing from the original, long-gone Pike Amusement Park, the carousel was designed by Charles I. D. Looff -- of Coney Island, Santa Monica and Santa Cruz fame. His Long Beach ride burned in 1943 but the roof of the building, the Lite-a-Line, was saved, promised new life as a Camden Property visitor center. No longer. Using the Cocoanut Grove defense of physics over aesthetics, Long Beach Historic Preservation Officer Jan Ostashay pulled the plug: "It was decided that, 'Was it really a historic resource?' since the rest of the building was gone. ... The eaves, a lot of the things have been chopped off of it ... With the approval of the Cultural Heritage Commission, it was agreed to let the roof be demolished." Ride's over.
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