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Hollywood's Serravella Apartment Sold, Rent Hike Coming?

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If you live in the Hollywood rental building The Serravella, perhaps you're aware of the fact that the building just sold for about $80 million. What to expect from the sale: renovations and a possible rent increase, as "rents for class A apartments have grown by 9% to 14% in Hollywood over the last year, so the new owner sees considerable upside in upgrading," reports Globe St. According to this pet-ownership web site, studio rents at the building currently start at $1,260, one-bedrooms at $1,360, and two-bedrooms at $2,080. Meanwhile, some residents in the building are already used to renovations. Per a posting this spring on Thin Walls Talk, comes this: "10 months of drilling, jack-hammering, dust, fumes, sleep deprivation..." And more after jump.

"I can't even put it in words.

A few years ago, when I moved in, I was so happy. Besides the occasional drunks and out-of-control dogs, somehow, I sincerely loved this building and had no plans to move out. The last time I renewed my lease, major renovation started with no previous warning. It has been 10 months!!! 10 months of drilling, jack-hammering, dust, fumes, sleep deprivation... This place has been so unhealthy on so many levels. We were told a few weeks of work then 3 months...

For what? Everything about it is just ugly and depressing (somebody got paid to do this???) I feel like I am living in a (very loud) prison and we have to pay for it...

Of course the management is just lying to tenants when they are not just ignoring us. They let us break the lease to get out. What a convenient way to get new tenants and get rid of the "complainers".

People, if you leave this place because you can't take it anymore and it ruined your life, that is a form of eviction.

I have enough evidence and legal support to make their life miserable. I can't wait to get on their case... But nothing will ever make up for this horrible year we had to endure.

Just go somewhere else unless you have large dogs..."

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